The Rebirth System

16:08:54 2020/07/15

Guild is the love base camp of every player, where friendship and love will take place in it. However, an adventure is more than a companionship, as there are battles and challenges. Moreover, Reikon Academy is every player’s battle base camp. In order to slay Demons effectively, players join Reikon Academy and became Soulers or Soultresses. Then, through Rebirth Trial, they became more advance Soultresses or Soulers and obtained more powerful CP.


What is Rebirth

Rebirth is Class Switching, the extra gains that are obtained after being promoted and increased of salary, the increase of CP goes without saying and the increase of wealth is well deserved.

How to get rebirth

Is being promoted and increased in salary a long way to go? No. An adventure battle is about strength, reached level requirements, passed the tests then can get rebirth successfully, don’t worry about the difficulties. Let me tell you a secret, the required level of Rebirth I, Rebirth II, Rebirth III and Rebirth IV are level 150, 210, 280 and 360. Do not be in a hurry to succeed, go step by step.

What are the advantages of rebirth

When you have successfully rebirth, you can obtain specific gains, such as skills enhancement, able to unlock items, obtain new character images and more!

Before completing the Rebirth IV, your level can be upgraded to level 370. After completing the Rebirth IV, you can break through the level limit and there will be changes on the title, such as the “Destiny 1” in the picture below shows level 37.